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A ...

Addams Family Affair To Remember
Against All Odds Airforce 1
Aladdin - A Whole New World Aladdin - Arabia Nights
Aladdin - Mixed Aladdin - One Jump
Aladdin - Prince Ali Alien
All For One American Tail
Apollo 13 Arthur

Austin Powers


B ...

Back To The Future Batman Forever
Batman Returns Battle Of Britain
Beaches Beauty & The Beast-Belle
Beauty & The Beast-Theme Beetlejuice
Being There Ben
Best Friends Beverly Hillbillies
Beverly Hills Cop Big
Bill And Ted Black Hole
Blade Runner - Love Theme Blade Runner - Memories Of Green
Blade Runner Theme Blazing Saddles
Blues Brothers - I'm A Soul Man Blues Brothers Theme
Body Guard Born Free
Brady Bunch Movie Braveheart


C ...

Camelot Caravans
Casablanca Casino
Casper Chariots Of Fire
Close Encounters Commitments
Conair Conan
Congo Contact
Cool Runnings Crimson Tide


D ...

Dances With Wolves - The John Dunbar Dances With Wolves Theme
Dangerous Minds Das Boot
Deliverance Desperado
Dirty Dancing - She's Like The Wind Dirty Dancing Theme
Don Juan DeMarco Dr Zhivago
Dracula Dumbo
Dune Ending Dune Theme


E ...

Edward Scissorhands Escape From LA
Escape From New York ET
Evita Exodus


F ...

Faculty Fame
Fantasia Fifth Element
Flash Gordon Fletch
Flintstones Flipper
Footloose Forrest Gump
Four Weddings & A Funeral Fury


G ...

Get Shorty Ghostbusters
Ghost Glory
Godfather Godzilla
Gone With The Wind Goofy Movie
Goonies Grease - Hopelessly Devoted To You
Grease - Summer Nights Grease - You`re The One That I Want


H ...

Hackers Halloween
Highlander Hold Me
Home Alone House


I ...

Independence Day Indiana Jones Theme


J ...

James Bond - From Russia With Love James Bond Golden Eye
James Bond - Live And Let Die James Bond - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
James Bond - The Living Daylights James Bond Theme
James Bond - Tomorrow Never Dies James Bond - You Only Live Twice
Jaws JFK
Jumpin Jack Flash Jungle Book
Jurassic Park


K ...

Karate Kid II King Kong
King Of Kings


L ...

Labyrinth Last Starfighter
Lion King - Can You Feel Lion King - Circle Of Life
Lion King - Hakuna Matata Lion King - Just Can't Wait To Be King
Little Mermaid - Hot Hot Hot Little Mermaid - Part Of Your World
Little Mermaid - Under The Sea Lost World
Love Story


M ...

Madeliene Magnificent Seven
Mahogany Major League
Man And A Woman Mary Poppins - Feed the Birds
Matrix Men In Black
Midnight Express Mission Impossible
Mission Impossible 2 Monty Python's Life Of Brian
Monty Python's Holy Grail - Brave Sir Robin Monty Python's Holy Grail Theme
Mortal Kombat Muriels Wedding
My Girl Mystery Men


N ...

Naked Gun Nanny
Natural Born Killers Navy Seals
Net Never Ending Story
Nightmare Before Christmas Nine To Five
Nutty Proffesor


P ...

Peewee's Big Adventure Phantasm
Phantom Phenomenon
Philadelphia Piano
Pink Panther Pinnochio - Wish Upon A Star
Platoon Pocahontas
Predator Presumed Innocent
Pretty Woman Princess Bride
Psycho Pulp Fiction


R ...

Rainman Ritz
Robin Hood - Everything I Do Robin Hood - Prince Of Theives
Robocop Rock
Rocky Horror Picture Show Rocky - Fanfare
Rocky - Gonna Fly Now Rocky III - Eye Of The Tiger
Rocky IV Theme Romancing The Stone
Romeo And Juliet


S ...

Saint Savages
Saving Private Ryan Schindler's List
Shaft Singin' In The Rain
Sister Act - I Will Follow Him Sister Act - Shout
Space Jam Speed
Stand By Me Star Is born
Stargate - March Stargate Theme


Starship Troopers
(Star Trek) (Star Wars)
Sting Summer Of 42
Summer Place Superman

... S

(Star Trek)

Star Trek The Original Series Star Trek The Motion Picture
Star Trek II The Wrath of Kham Star Trek III The Search For Spock
Star Trek IV The Voyage Home Star Trek V The Final Frontier
Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country Star Trek VII Generations
Star Trek VII First Contact Star Trek IX Insurrection
Star Trek The Next Generation Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Star Trek Voyager

(Star Wars)

Main Theme Imperial March
Cantina Band Tatooine Desert
Ewok Parade Yoda's Theme
Luke and Leia's Theme Death Star Explosion
Han and Leia's Theme Finale
20th Century Fox Fanfare Emperors Theme
Jabba's Theme Space Battle
Throne Room Forest Battle
Ewok Celebration Leia's Theme
Victory Celebration Star Wars Medley
Dark Forces TIE Fighter


T ...

Terminator 2 That Thing You Do
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Third Man
Titanic - Medley Titanic - My Heart Will Go On
Top Gun - Take My Breath Away Top Gun Theme
Toy Story True Lies
True Love Twister


W ...

Wallace And Grommit War Of The Worlds
Watership Down Way We Were
Weird Science West Side Story
White Nights Willy Wonka
Witness Wizard Of OZ